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We want your best full-length prose manuscript (including, and not limited to: novels, novellas, memoirs, lyric essays, story collections, prose poems and/or flash fictions). Our open reading period is during June of every year. Prepare to submit!

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Image of Ben Segal's and Erinrose Mager's TOCOTLOPL

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Ben Segal's and Erinrose Mager's TOCOTLOPL


“A tour de force of dust-jacket discourse! A torrid farce of rocking back-cover back-patting! . . . Or so I imagine, not yet having ventured into this flurry of blurbs for non-existent masterpieces, a fierce tear through conceptual imagination, an idea vibrating with enviable potential energy.” 

 —Troy Patterson, book critic for NPR
and the New York Times Book Review 



Stephanie Barber, Ken Baumann, Matt Bell, Aimee Bender, 
Blake Butler, Teresa Carmody, Brian Allen Carr, Alexandra 
Chasin, Irene Ruiz Dacal, Susan Daitch, Jeremy M. Davies, 
Craig Dworkin, Brian Evenson, Camellia Freeman, Adam 
Golaski, Elizabeth Graver, Amelia Gray, Evelyn Hampton, 
Sean Higgins, Christopher Higgs, Lily Hoang, David 
Hollander, Gregory Howard, Laird Hunt, Greg Hunter, 
Shelley Jackson, Harold Jaffe, Jac Jemc, Shane Jones, 
Bhanu Kapil, Lee Klein, Evan Lavender-Smith, Todd 
Lerew, Samuel Ligon, Robert Lopez, Sean Lovelace,
John Madera, Jess Malmed, Peter Markus, Michael 
Martone, Stephen Matanle, Ben Mirov, Warren Motte, 
David Ohle, Lance Olsen, Derek Pell, Tom Phillips, 
Vanessa Place, Brian Reed, Mallory Rice, Tom Roberge, 
Adam Robinson, Kevin Sampsell, Davis Schneiderman, 
Brittani Sonnenberg, Lynne Tillman, J. A. Tyler, Jane 
Unrue, Diane Williams, Tristram Q. Wing, Joseph Young, 
Mike Young

* This title was printed in a limited edition for AWP 2012.